Auction Activity on the Peninsula

By Lisa Kalucy

ARIA Tesoriero, age three, was so keen to help her mum buy property at the weekend she started waving her hands in the air trying to bid in her own right.

Mum Alle was trying to balance her on one hip, wave her bidding number with one hand, talk to her husband on the phone plus keep an eye on 18-monthold Avery.

Husband Adam, who was racing from the airport for the Saturday afternoon auction, turned up to applause just as she secured the Dee Why property.

Six parties registered to bid at the auction of one of the largest landholdings in Dee Why, at 613 Pittwater Rd. There was an old, redbrick cottage on the 1979sq m block and families and investors were after it.

“Italians have always loved the big blocks of Dee Why,’’ he said.

Chinese buyers were also chasing the home and a family from Collaroy.

But the Tesoriero family, of Dee Why, bought the property for $1,205,000 after bidding opened at $910,000.

The weekend clearance rate for the northern beaches was a very healthy 69 per cent compared to 76.4 per cent for Sydney as a whole.

Source – Manly Daily July 30th

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