Tenant – Maintenance

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It is a strict policy of this office that all maintenance requests are presented in writing before they can be acted upon. An example of the Maintenance Request Form is included in this kit and can also be found on our website at

Only URGENT REPAIRS will be accepted first informally but must be confirmed in writing as soon as possible. Urgent repairs are a specialised form of maintenance and directly relate to basic issues of shelter. Some examples are listed below:

•             A serious gas leak

•             A burst hot water service

•             A dangerous electrical fault

•             Any fault or damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure

Other examples are contained in your lease agreement.  If such repairs are necessary you must immediately contact our office by email using the maintenance request form found on our website or by phoning our office on 9971 1333. In the event the matter occurs after hours and is an emergency, please contact one of the contractors listed on your lease.